How To Use

For mild acne, blemishes, makeup removal and an everyday glow and smooth complexion.

QLEAN™ Foaming Facial Cleanser

  • Daily cleanser can be used 1 to 2 times a day.
  • Shake before each use and
  • Cleanser gently exfoliates the skin. Do not use a brush, towel or other tool to wash face.
  • pump desired amount of foam into hands. Two to three pumps is generally a good amount to begin with. Massage foam into damp skin with hands for ( 15 ) seconds or ( 30 ) seconds for deeper exfoliation. Do not use an exfoliating brush, towel or any other tool. Rinse well with warm water, pat dry and moisturize. Can be used twice daily.
  • Condition your skin after each wash with Skin Conditioning Crème. Apply to clean, towel dried skin. Can be used before makeup applications.