Our Story

Our Story

What is the AD'OR Skincare System?

The AD'OR™ Skincare System is a simple and effective skincare regimen consisting of skin transforming cleansers, conditioners and clays. Our highly effective products eliminate the need to use numerous products at one time, just to achieve your skincare goals. With the AD'OR™ Skincare System, you have the option to enjoy a routine starting with only two steps to clear skin. 

CLEANSERS Each of our cleansers are formulated for a number of different skin types and concerns to cleanse, exfoliate and tone the skin to give a clear and smooth complexion.

CONDITIONERS Our Moisture Mists are designed to repair and prepare the skin for healing and hydration. While our Skin Crèmes further condition the skin by replenishing and sealing in moisture. 

CLAYS Our clay blends are designed to add the perfect amount of extra exfoliation, cleansing and toning to any regimen. 

Where It All Began

I suffered from cystic hormonal acne, I felt insecure, depressed and defeated. I literally tried everything but numerous failed attempts at clearing my skin caused me to take an all natural approach. I implemented a diet and lifestyle change to correct the underlying hormonal imbalance, which began to slowly work in my favor. However, I really wanted faster results so I decided to go all natural with my skincare as well so I began using black soap as a facial cleanser.

Black soap deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin which gives a similar skin smoothing and clearing affect as a chemical peel without the pain and discomfort, down time from unsightly skin peeling, or the expensive price point. Balancing my lifestyle change to control the things that cause acne from the inside out along with learning what my skin needed and how to use black soap in a way that my skin responded best to was definitely a journey. This was no overnight story but I was very determined to overcome acne and how it controlled my life.

Years ago I achieved what I thought was impossible; clear skin and confidence without makeup! I shared my journey and the response was overwhelming. Many people wanted help with their similar stories so I began mentoring and walking men, women and teens through the steps it takes to get their skin clear, including providing them with the products that I use. The reviews of many who’s lives have been changed in a positive way by our skincare solutions and support continue to pour in day by day. I’m very proud to know that we’re helping many people to stop the expensive skincare treatments, medications and doctor visits.

With black soap, you either hate it or love it but somewhere in between, there’s me. I’m here to ensure that you love your black soap experience and AD'OR™ your skin again! I thank you for your interest in our skincare solutions and look forward to connecting with you.